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Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL1  
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MySQL Enterprise Advisors1  
MySQL Query Analyzer1  
MySQL Replication Monitor1  
MySQL Enterprise Backup1  
Hot backup for InnoDB1  
Full, Incremental, Partial, Optimistic Backups1  
Full, Partial, Selective, Hot Selective restore1  
Encryption and Compression1  
MySQL Enterprise Security1  
MySQL Enterprise Authentication1  
MySQL Enterprise Encryption1  
MySQL Enterprise Firewall1  
MySQL Enterprise Audit1  
MySQL Enterprise Scalability1  
Thread Pool1  
MySQL Enterprise High-Availability1  
HA using Oracle Clusterware1,6  
HA using Solaris Clustering1,6  
HA using Windows Clustering1,6  
MySQL Cluster Manager1    
Configuration & Provisioning1    
Automatic Scaling1    
Management & Monitoring1    
Certified with Oracle Linux6
Certified with Oracle VM6
Certified with Oracle Solaris6
Certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager6  
Certified with Oracle GoldenGate6  
Certified with Oracle Data Integrator6  
Certified with Oracle Fusion Middleware6  
Certified with Oracle Secure Backup6  
Certified with Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall6